Our evenings will be filled with awesome music, fabulous dancing and fun shenanigans.

The sky is crying on stage

The Sky Is Crying

Our opening act is a local favourite, led by stunning singer and eminent event organizer Kristin Ladström. Gustav Davidsson tickles the ivory and bends his trombone in style while Marcus Fenn handles both the bass, banjo and guitar with the same elegance and intense groove. The Sky Is Crying is a band made to play for blues dancers, as audiences around Sweden will testify to. They will deliver their unique brand of strong, soulful and stirring blues and ballads with a jazzy touch - a perfect start for a weekend of dancing and merrymaking.


Christoffer Johansson

Christoffer Johansson has ensorcelled thousands of dancers at events across Europe over the past few years and now makes a return to the site of his first appearance for dancers, his home stage of Gothenburg. With his authentic blues roots sounds, his humble yet hypnotizing stage presence and his superb sense of drama and suspense, he is sure to put yet another dance floor under his spell at Dig Deeper.


We have prepered a bunch of eminent DJ’s for you.