Our venue, called Forum, is the home of West Coast Jitterbugs dance society and the place to go for lindy hop, balboa and blues dancing in Gothenburg. Forum is a vibrant place that hosts weekly social dances and classes as well as the members’ own training sessions. If you’re staying in Gothenburg for a few days after Dig Deeper, you are more than welcome to join the weekly lindy hop social on Monday night, and our weekly blues dance social, Tuesday is Bluesday, on Tuesday night.


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Göteborg is easily reached by bus, train or plane, depending on your point of origin. Here are some tips on how to reach the venue:

From Landvetter airport

Take the airport coach to Korsvägen. From there take trams number 6 (towards Länsmansgården) or 8 (towards Frölunda). These will take you through a tunnel and up to Wavrinskys plats, where you get off. From there, it’s a ten minute walk up the hill along the tram tracks to Dr Fries torg and the end of our journey. If you are burdened by rain or heavy luggage (or just plain lazy) you can wait a few minutes for tram number 10 for the last part. You will find the venue Forum at the far end of the square.

From the train station

Get off your train and head out through the large exit that is on the left hand side as you leave the track. You will reach Drottningtorget, a square with a small kiosk in the middle, and a canal at one end. From here, walk along the water to the right, to Brunnsparken. There you will hop onto tram number 10 heading towards Guldheden, and this will take you all the way to Dr Fries torg and the end of the journey. You will find the venue Forum at the far end of the square.


For those of you who would like to stay at a hotel or hostel, we made a list with some nearby and relatively affordable alternatives:

City center: Tram 10, close to central station.

  • STF Hotel/Hostel GöteborgCity
  • A long list of hotels, see Google.

Linnéplatsen area: Tram 10 and 6, or 20min walking. Closest to the venue.

  • Linnéplatsens Hostel
  • Slottsskogen Hostel Tram
  • Linné Hostel Close to Slottsskogen Hostel, webpage in Swedish.

Johanneberg area: 5min walking, then bus 52. Or 20min walking.

  • Nice Bed&Breakfast
  • Göteborg’s Hostel, Close to Nice B&B.
  • Quality Hotell Panorama

Private hosting

We encourage visitors to connect with local dancers if they so desire, and will try to facilitate hosting for our faraway guests. Send an email to hosting© if you want to stay with a local dancer. Make sure you include any particular requests you may have – allergies, need for privacy or a wish to stay with boys or girls only, for instance.

Explore Gothenburg

If you would like to see more of our lovely city while visiting Dig Deeper, there are lots of things to do! You will find the official tourist site here: